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Medical Device Regulations – FDA

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FDA regulations touch every step of the medical device lifecycle. From properly classifying your device and developing a regulatory strategy, to preparing FDA submissions and responding to compliance issues – sometimes within 30 days – this is one journey that does NOT come with road signs. How can you ensure you’ve properly classified your device? Do you know what’s required in designing clinical protocols? And do you know what to do if some of your documentation is found to be non-compliant?


An expert in medical device regulations can help you every step of the way, from proper device classification through FDA submissions, compliance questions and approval. No matter where you are in the device lifecycle, having an advocate in your corner who knows the FDA terrain can help you through the approval process quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time—and money.

AlvaMed consultants are not only experts in the FDA’s ‘rules of the road,’ but have held positions at the FDA, as well, so we know how the FDA works—from the inside. Our solid relationships with FDA personnel are combined with comprehensive knowledge of evolving FDA regulations and experience responding to compliance issues—well within tight time frames. Contact AlvaMed with your questions and learn how we can help smooth your road to FDA approval.

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We seriously could not have done this without you. This has been one of the most challenging projects I have ever been involved with. Looking back I feel AlvaMed was the perfect choice.

Mark K.

Director of Quality Systems


The issues today are customization, knowledge, and communication all within a new, cost-efficient model of consulting that transforms service into partnership. From that partnership our clients not only get what they've paid for, but gain knowledge they can use again and again.

Mark Cox

AlvaMed President