ACLA’s Bold Move: Challenging FDA’s Final Rule on LDTs

In a groundbreaking legal maneuver, the American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) has filed the first lawsuit in an attempt to block the implementation of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Final Rule on Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs). The contentious Final Rule, which aims to regulate LDTs, has sparked heated debates within the healthcare and regulatory […]

MHRA Launches AI Airlock: Pioneering Innovation in Regulatory Oversight

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has taken a bold step into the future of regulatory oversight with the launch of the AI Airlock initiative, a new regulatory sandbox designed to help understand risks related to AI as a Medical Device (AIaMD). This groundbreaking endeavor marks a significant leap forward in harnessing the […]

MDR Compliance

 Challenge: A long-standing client, a small company specializing in innovative minimally invasive endosurgical devices, needed to maintain their existing CE Mark while updating their QMS to comply with the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Facing limited resources to implement the new regulations and update their documentation for an MDR submission, they trusted AlvaMed’s proven track […]

510(k) Clearance

510(K) CLEARANCE CASE STUDY CHALLENGE:The manufacturer of a new laser-resistant endotracheal tube device needed to use an older predicate for their 510(k) submission to the FDA. While still commercially available, the predicate device was over 20 years old at the time of submission, with limited regulatory information and test data available. FDA often imposes closer […]

Regulatory Strategy

REGULATORY STRATEGY CASE STUDY CHALLENGE:A large international medical diagnostic system equipment manufacturer was beginning to see the fruits of a technology development collaboration with Boston-area medical research institutions. Having set up a subsidiary company in the US to commercialize these technologies, the company needed: APPROACH:AlvaMed proposed a project with: The 3-month, $60,000 project assessed the […]

GMP and CE Certification

GMP AND CE CERTIFICATION CASE STUDY CHALLENGE:A major pharma company purchased a medical device business, seeking to achieve FDA clearance, CE certification and remain compliant under GMP regulations. APPROACH:An experienced AlvaMed team developed a project plan consistent with ISO 13485 and the European Union regulations. AlvaMed’s team: RESULTS:Risk analyses and a 510(k) draft were completed […]

US Agent Services

FDA US AGENT CASE STUDY CHALLENGE:A startup company in France successfully completed their US market clearance for an imaging device and selected a US distributor. After registering their manufacturing establishment in France with the FDA, the company became aware of the FDA’s requirement to appoint a US Agent. Their distributor was unwilling to take on […]

FDA Registration

FDA REGISTRATION CASE STUDY CHALLENGE:A small start-up company had achieved their second round of funding to commercialize custom dental surgical guides. The company manager had no prior experience in the medical device industry and very limited bandwidth. The company also had no supporting quality or regulatory resources. Facing the task of registering the product and […]


Under the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (IVDR), devices need to meet the applicable “harmonized standards” to demonstrate conformity with the essential requirements. If a harmonized standard referenced in the technical documentation (including the DHF) is updated, manufacturers are expected to assess the impact and incorporate any necessary changes […]


The FDA released new guidance for the Content of Premarket Submissions for Device Software Functions [1] in June 2023. This guidance replaces the preexisting guidance from May of 2005. Since then, technological advances have caused software to become an important part of medical devices.  The final guidance moved to a simplified risk-based approach to determine […]