Audit Program Management

Managing an effective audit program can pose issues for many organizations.

From annual internal audits to multi-year agreements auditing your entire supply chain, AlvaMed has you covered. Managing these systems is the first step toward the success of any sustainable program. Learn the ways we can help with auditing everywhere in the world and in any language.

As with any auditing program, it all starts with proper planning. An assessment of the scope of the program is the first step in the process.

Formalizing a plan that outlines the resources you’ll need will keep the process on track. Understanding how the pieces fit together and the corresponding timeframes will pave the way toward successful completion.

As the audits are conducted, it is essential that there is open communication between audit groups to ensure commonalities and pitfalls are identified.

The outcome, whether positive or negative, of any/all audits will provide input into the overall picture of QMS and regulatory compliance. Collaboration between colleagues will also identify areas on which to focus resources. Providing reports to top management is crucial for understanding the health of the system and allocating resources appropriately.

Feedback from the audit team(s), auditees, and top management will help increase understanding and awareness. It fosters a sense of inclusion, cooperation, and ownership in the success of the programs

AlvaMed has the auditing resources and plan management experience to set you up for success.

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Audit Program Management FAQ's

Audit programs are not one-size fits all. An in-depth review of your QMS will help develop your audit programming.

The first step is understanding the goals and ensuring the proper risk management. Not all suppliers need to have a formal and/or on-site ‘audit’.

Typically, it is industry practice (backed by evidence) that audits of the entire QMS should be conducted on an annual basis to optimize effectiveness.

Brian Ludovico

Director of Quality Affairs

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