Design Assurance Support

Design Assurance does Not have to be intimidating.

Having difficulty documenting your user needs, product requirements or just figuring out the best sample size to use for design verification testing? The engineers at AlvaMed have decades of combined design assurance experience across a multitude of product types. Let us guide you by providing informed, risk-based options to help you develop and execute your product development plans.

We take the time to review our clients’ products in depth. A thorough appreciation for how a product works is a key step to providing better design assurance guidance.

Every client has a different tolerance for risk.  We work with each client to assess their risk tolerance and how it aligns with their product development objectives.

We don’t want to be an afterthought. Our design assurance engineers will embed within your product development teams to build relationships and improve efficiency and communication with your stakeholders.

We are focused on applying our practical experience to your design assurance challenges. Our goal is to provide options that balance risk and compliance, allowing clients to select those that best suit their business needs.

AlvaMed’s engineers provide practical solutions to design assurance and risk management challenges.

Our clients are happy to be references – we are happy to share their contact information when you meet with us.

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Design Assurance Support FAQ's

Any time. We can help clients from the earliest stages of product development through regulatory submissions and beyond. We can be part of the entire design cycle or brought in for a specific issue.

AlvaMed works within each client’s individual spectrum of risk tolerance. For any given issue, we strive to provide choices that span the range of risk, allowing clients to make informed decisions that balance compliance, risk, and business objectives.

We value the relationships our engineers build with their clients. Our objective is to keep the same people on a given project through its completion.

Jon Saltonstall

Vice President of Regulatory and Quality Compliance

Jon spent the bulk of his industry career in startups and appreciates the unique challenges they face trying to successfully navigate the product development pathway. Jon and his team understand that every company has different needs and tolerance for risk.

Ready to learn more about how AlvaMed’s design assurance engineers can help your company achieve its product development objectives?

Schedule time to meet with Jon Saltonstall.  Combined with decades of practical experience, let the design assurance engineers at AlvaMed help you solve your most challenging problems.