Supplier Auditing

Optimizing a program to manage supplier relations can be complicated.

Managing a multitude of suppliers can be a daunting task.  Whether it’s assessing risk, establishing criteria for their evaluation, or performing audits, it takes valuable resources.

Gather vital information about the supplier and their ability to meet the manufacturer’s requirements and needs.

Work with both the manufacturer and supplier to ensure that all information needed to ensure an accurate focus is provided to yield the desired outcome of the audit.

Acting on behalf of the manufacturer, AlvaMed will conduct a supplier audit within the guidelines of the manufacturer’s quality management system to meet quality system standards and/or regulatory requirements.

Provide appropriate feedback to the manufacturer as to the outcome of the audit. Details pertaining to the audit findings, whether positive or negative, are documented in an audit report tailored to the preferences of the manufacturer.

AlvaMed has the full range of technical expertise to adapt to the requirements of a wide range of supplier types.

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Supplier Auditing FAQ's

Not necessarily. It’s essential to ‘evaluate’ all your suppliers and from that, it can be determined which may require a formal ‘audit’.

Through an effective program based on risk, a schedule for assessing suppliers can be a useful tool to help tackle this task.

No, this does not need to be a formal position in the organization, but it’s necessary to ensure the person performing the audit has the training and competency necessary to perform the function.

Brian Ludovico

Director of Quality Affairs

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