Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU: Two Pilots Go Live

Clinical trials are the cornerstone of medical innovation, driving the development of new treatments and therapies that improve patient outcomes and advance healthcare. However, the traditional clinical trial process is often lengthy and complex, posing significant challenges for researchers, sponsors, and patients alike. The COVID-19 era brought a decrease in multi-state clinical trials applications in […]

Navigating the EU Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR)

The European Union Clinical Trials Regulation (EU CTR) represents a landmark shift in the regulation of clinical research within the EU. Enacted to streamline and harmonize the conduct of clinical trials across member states, the CTR aims to enhance patient safety, promote transparency, and facilitate the timely initiation and completion of clinical research. As the […]

The EU IVDR Impact on Clinical Trials

The European Union In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (EU IVDR) stands as a pivotal framework shaping the landscape of medical device regulation within the EU. While primarily targeting in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices, its ramifications extend beyond mere device certification. Among its ripple effects lies a significant impact on clinical trials, particularly those involving IVDs. Understanding […]

Decentralized Clinical Trials: A Clinical Trial Optimization Opportunity

Recent trends in clinical studies, including the nearly ubiquitous move to electronic data capture (EDC) systems across CROs/sponsors and electronic medical records (EMR) systems amongst hospital systems/private practices, has provided a fertile environment in which to institute decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). The additional factor of the COVID-19 global pandemic ushered in a need to explore […]

Class III FIH Trial

CLASS III FIH TRIAL CHALLENGE:A Class III medical device startup required clinical affairs and submission support for a First in Human (FIH) study to evaluate a novel neurology implant. The company made the strategic decision to do initial clinical evaluations outside the US to prove out the device design and use the data to support […]

IDE Study CHALLENGE:A medical device startup required expertise in designing, managing, and executing an investigational device exemption (IDE) study for their tissue-ablation device. The IDE clinical trial was conducted to add a new indication for the device (treating walled off pancreatic necrosis by performing direct endoscopic necrosectomy). The device had been previously approved in the […]

Clinical Study Management

CHALLENGE:A small medical device start-up required support planning, managing, and executing a post-market clinical study for their Endoluminal Occlusion System (EOS™) devices. The sponsor required an immediate plan to transition the ongoing study to AlvaMed and to open up a new treatment arm for the study. A project plan and tracking tools needed to be […]