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We were in search of a consulting firm to assist us in tailoring our existing quality management system to meet our specific requirements. That’s when we engaged AlvaMed, and I must say, their performance was truly outstanding.

AlvaMed swiftly grasped the intricacies of our unique needs and hurdles, crafting a bespoke solution that perfectly aligned with our objectives. Their adeptness in implementing the new system, conducting internal audits, and delivering design assurance support was not only impressive but also executed seamlessly, adhering to both our schedule and budget constraints.

I recommend AlvaMed to any medical device company in search of a consulting partner. Their competence and commitment are second to none, and they have undoubtedly been instrumental in our success.

Kelly Ashfield


AlvaMed’s dedication to quality and compliance is truly commendable. Their prompt and transparent actions in addressing the DHF audit findings showcase their commitment to excellence. What stands out to me is their meticulous gap assessment and proactive approach to risk management, which clearly illustrates their commitment to continuous improvement. I’m confident in their ability to maintain these high standards and look forward to continued collaboration.

Angel Iglesias


I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude for AlvaMed’s quick response, experience and professional approach to addressing our efforts to respond to an audit finding. AlvaMed conducted a comprehensive assessment of our product technical documentation, identified gaps related to current standards and regulations, and provided a clear definition of objectives and a plan to address the gaps.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the level of expertise and diligence displayed by AlvaMed throughout this process. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend them to any medical device company seeking a consulting company to address compliance concerns.

Erik Williams


We are extremely satisfied with the quality support services provided by AlvaMed. Their expertise in the medical device industry, tailored solutions, and transparent communication have been invaluable to our operations at Goddard Technologies, Inc. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch quality support.


Goddard Technologies, Inc.

We are delighted to express our appreciation for the exceptional quality engineer support provided by AlvaMed. With AlvaMed’s guidance, we’ve not only met regulatory requirements but have also exceeded our own quality benchmarks. AlvaMed has proven to be a valuable partner in our pursuit of excellence, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-tier quality engineering support.

David Davilla


We are extremely pleased to share our experience with AlvaMed’s exceptional design assurance support. With AlvaMed’s guidance, we have not only met but exceeded our design assurance goals, resulting in safer and more innovative medical devices. AlvaMed has proven to be a trusted partner in our journey towards design excellence, and we recommend their services to anyone seeking top-tier support.

Joe Dobkin